Building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

Transformational Living Centre
(TLC) for Families

Providing a nurturing, supportive and safe residence

for homeless families in Bermuda.

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Under the direction of Habitat for Humanity and the Women's Resource Centre, the TRANSFORMATIONAL LIVING CENTRE (TLC) for FAMILIES is a purpose designed housing shelter on Parson's Road in Pembroke (the former Pembroke Rest Home). The TLC will address the growing problem of homelessness among families with children in Bermuda. It will also make provision (in a secure area) to accommodate emergency housing needs.

In addition to providing shelter for up to one year, families will be provided with a range of developmental, educational and therapeutic programmes that are designed to heal, empower and transition; with a goal of achieving self sufficiency and the capacity to thrive successfully within the broader community.

The design and operation of the TLC is based on the premise articulated by "HOUSING FIRST" which is that very little can be accomplished developmentally or therapeutically unless or until one's basic needs for food and shelter are met.

Existing programmes and facilities attempting to accomplish the former without the latter have failed and the cost to families has been enormous.

The TLC seeks to change that trajectory and, with the help of the generous Bermuda Community, we believe this can not only be accomplished, but will establish a model that can be replicated throughout Bermuda.

Transformational Living Centre

Habitat for Humanity and the Women’s Resource Centre are seeking capital funds to complete the required renovations to the former Pembroke Rest Home, funding to sustain the ongoing programs and an investment in the small business operations designed to cover some of the costs associated with the centre.

While the design and operation of this facility is unique to Bermuda, it is based on a thorough review of the most successful community-based shelters for homeless families in Canada and the U.S. as well as an extensive review of the academic research assessing the outcomes of the “Housing First” models through our affiliation with the Canadian Homeless Research Network.

Over the next 5 years, the TLC for Families will make a profound difference in the lives of 50 families and as many as 150 children.
With the help of the generous Bermuda Community, we believe this will not only be accomplished, but will establish a successful model that can be replicated throughout Bermuda.