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Habitat’s mandate is to ensure that Bermudians are provided with adequate, affordable and safe housing. Given the cost of living in Bermuda, we recognize that there is quite a large segment of the population in need of Habitat’s assistance. In order to ensure that we are providing assistance to families who require Habitat’s support the most, interested persons are invited to complete the application form below. Applications may be sent to the address or email provided on our website. Our Board meets at regular intervals to review applications and to identify families who require our immediate attention and support. Please contact us directly should you have any questions about our application process.

Phase 1

Initial contact by phone or email to Habitat at or 296-0256.

Phase 2

Families in need are invited to fill out the Habitat Family Application Form.

Phase 3

Home Visit – Upon receipt of these completed forms, the Habitat Family Selection Committee is called upon to review the application and, if the family meets the general criteria, the committee or a representative will make an on-site visit to meet the family, assess the need and verify various aspects of the application.

Phase 4

Selection Committee Meets – The Family Selection Committee meetings to decide whether the necessary criteria have been met, including willingness to partner, financial need, and inadequate housing circumstances. Once a decision is made to proceed, the application is forwarded to the contractors and architects on the Site Selection Committee who will visit the premises and provide a detailed costing of the work that will be required.

  1. Click on the respective links to access the document.

  2. Print the document(s) from your screen, or save to your hard drive and then print.

  3. Complete the Application Form that pertains to you and submit by fax, mail or deliver in person to the Habitat office.


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