Building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

Make an Application

Habitat’s mandate is to ensure that Bermudians are provided with adequate and safe housing. Given the cost of living in Bermuda, we recognize that there is quite a large segment of the population in need of Habitat’s assistance. In order to ensure that we are providing assistance to families who require Habitat’s support the most, interested persons are invited to complete the application form below. Applications may be sent to the address or email provided on our website. Our Board meets at regular intervals to review applications and to identify families who require our immediate attention and support. Please contact us directly should you have any questions about our application process.


The Application Process


Phase I

Initial contact by phone or email to Habitat at or 296-0256.


Phase II

Families in need are invited to fill out the Habitat Family Application Form.


Phase III

Home Visit – Upon receipt of these completed forms, the Habitat Family Selection Committee is called upon to review the application and, if the family meets the general criteria, the committee or a representative will make an on-site visit to meet the family, assess the need and verify various aspects of the application.


Phase IV

Selection Committee Meets – The Family Selection Committee meetings to decide whether the necessary criteria have been met, including willingness to partner, financial need, and inadequate housing circumstances. Once a decision is made to proceed, the application is forwarded to the contractors and architects on the Site Selection Committee who will visit the premises and provide a detailed costing of the work that will be required.


The Applications

PDF versions of both the Community Group Sponsor Application and the Family Application are available at this site. To download the Applications, do the following (the downloads may take several minutes):

  1. Click on the respective links below to access the document(s).
  2. Print the document(s) from your screen, or save to your hard drive and then print.
  3. Complete the Application Form that pertains to you and submit by fax, mail or deliver in person to the Habitat office.




To view PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Selection Process

There are three criteria used to select families for the Habitat Bermuda program:

1. Need for Adequate Shelter

We select low-income partner families whose present housing is inadequate. These families are, nevertheless, willing to do what they can to help themselves improve their housing situations. The extent of the need and the inadequacy of the present housing circumstances are important considerations.

2. Economic Need

Using factors such as minimum income guidelines, debt-to-income ratio, and history of monthly payment consistency, along with other factors, we can determine whether our applicants are unable to afford to cover the costs of fixing their homes. Partnering families must fall into the low-income category.

3. Willingness to Partner

Applicants must be willing to commit to the sweat-equity requirement, which will mean contributing their labour to other Habitat Bermuda projects.

How Are Families Selected?

Once an application is received, it is reviewed by the Family Selection Committee, which is comprised of volunteers from the community. The Committee first looks to see that the applicant meets the three basic criteria of low income, housing need and a willingness to partner with Habitat.

In order to get to know each applicant family better, there is a home-visit by two members of the Family Selection Committee. This is an opportunity for Habitat Bermuda to assess the housing need of the applicants and their commitment to the mission of Habitat Bermuda.

Who Can Apply?

Habitat Bermuda accepts applications from individual families churches, community groups, neighbourhood organizations or other affiliations that wish to recommend or sponsor a family in need.

The referring organization will then remain part of the construction or renovation process by supporting the family and helping to supply some of the volunteer labour.

Families or Organizations such as those above are invited to call the
Habitat Bermuda office at 296-0256 to obtain an application form.

If you are an individual or family who meets Habitat Bermuda’s criteria for assistance and would like further information, please email us at

Who Pays?

Because much of the labour and a significant portion of the materials are donated, the ultimate cost of most projects is expected to be much below market value.

Habitat operates a little differently from many of the affiliates of Habitat International in that most of our projects are pro bono. We have discovered over the 18 years that Habitat has operated in Bermuda, that most of the families that need our help are unable to afford to repay Habitat. Consequently, Habitat relies solely on the generosity and support of individuals and local and international companies located in Bermuda.