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In the News - 2022

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The thrift that keeps on giving

May 11, 2022

In today’s cash-strapped times, thrift stores are rapidly becoming a critical lifeline for local charities.

The Pals Thrift Shop on Point Finger Road in Paget has raised more than $1 million for the cancer charity in its four years of existence. Last year, alone, the shop raised $250,000, and it is open only on weekends.

“On Saturdays we open at 9am and people are lining up at 8am,” said Colleen English DeGrilla, Pals executive director.

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Artists to show work to support Habitat for Humanity

April 20, 2022

Two artists will show their work to help boost a charity that renovates homes for families.

Sheilagh Head and Andy Detzer will exhibit pieces to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Bermuda with an event at the charity’s ReStore on Front Street this Thursday.

Sheelagh Cooper, the chairwoman of Habitat Bermuda, said that Ms Head’s land and seascapes were “absolutely her best work yet”.

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Charity to switch focus to helping families living in unsafe, derelict homes

April 8, 2022

A charity that renovates unsafe homes for families will tackle a backlog of cases after it completed a major project to provide housing for mothers and their children.

But Sheelagh Cooper, the chairwoman at Habitat for Humanity of Bermuda, said that another large-scale renovation could be lined up for future work.

The charity undertook the design and renovation of a Pembroke building to turn it into the Transformational Living Centre for Families, which opened in February.

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