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St. James Rectory Residential Treatment Center
"Working Together to Make a Difference"


Habitat for Humanity is undertaking another large capital project working in partnership with the Anglican Church and Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) to create a Residential Treatment Center for people with mental health needs currently in inpatient care with long-term psychiatric needs at Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI). The facility will offer integrated and interactive training and skill building programs. This is a model that has been adopted around the world and is experiencing great successes.


The undertaking between Habitat and BHB is to restore the old St. James Rectory in Somerset, currently owned by the Anglican Church. The Rectory would be purpose designed and renovated by Habitat for Humanity into a rehabilitation facility for eight of MWI’s patients who originated from the Somerset area to repatriate them. This Residential Treatment Facility would give them a chance to learn how to take care of themselves in a home environment as well as participate in their community.


The facility will be fully staffed 24 hours a day, helping their clients achieve a level of functioning sufficient for success in a less supervised setting requiring fewer intensive services, and achieving a greater degree of independence.  The average patient is over 60 years of age and none of them have demonstrated aggressive or violent behavior. They are the ideal candidates for deinstitutionalization and for undertaking skill training. It is the hope of the doctors and caregivers, that they will be fully functional within their community setting.


Habitat for Humanity Bermuda is appealing to the community to help fund this project and be a part of history in this groundbreaking development. Collectively, we can help those in our community with mental health needs receive the support and training they need to live with dignity.  It has been determined that the cost to renovate will be around $600,000. We are confident that with the support of local businesses and companies, we will reach this goal.


There are several ways that you, your company or your foundation can participate and be a part of this historic project which will make a difference is so many lives.


Legacy Donation

We have an itemized list of materials that are needed to restore the Rectory. If you would like to donate money towards one of these projects, your name will be listed on our Legacy Donor Plaque which will be displayed in the facility. Or you may also pay for the restoration of a particular room to have that room named after you.

Material Donations

We are hopeful that local suppliers of windows, doors, flooring electrical and plumbing supplies come forward with assistance in these areas.



Corporate Sponsorship

We have fundraising events planned for 2023 that will provide our corporate donors to participate as sponsors. We will have different levels of sponsorship with each package offering a different level of media exposure and benefits.


Prize donations

At each of the events planned in 2023, we will be reaching out to local businesses and individuals to provide prizes that can be auctioned off or become part of a raffle. This can anything from a physical item of value to an experience, such as a vacation home in another country.


Cash donation

We are accepting donations that can be in the form of a cheque or a wire transfer. You may also provide a cash donation to be put towards prizes for the May 20th event.


If you are a US citizen or company, we are registered as a 501(c)(3) charity, which means Habitat for Humanity Bermuda has been recognized by the IRS as being tax-exempt by virtue of its charitable programs, thereby allowing US citizens and companies to declare their donations on their tax forms.


Fundraising Events

We encourage individuals or companies to select Habitat for Humanity – St James Rectory Project as their charity of choice in any fundraising events they enroll in when there is an opportunity to represent a charity where proceeds raised go to your charity of choice.


You may also want your company, school, or community based group to hold a fundraising event within your organization with proceeds going to the Habitat for Humanity – St James Rectory Project.


If you would like to support this important project for Habitat for Humanity, please click here for the St. James Rectory donation form.

To register for our upcoming events go to New & Events.

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